I’m Ronnie Malig, born and raised Filipino and has been in the Tattoo Industry for 10 years. My love for this craft started at the age of 26, when I discovered the artistic side of me. I always bring my A game in each of my sessions as I feel that this art has its own story. A story that is important to my clients and something that is embedded in their skin for the rest of their lives. I can basically work my magic on ideas you might have. I specializes on 3D Polynesian with my unique and freehand design that captures symbolic signs from my home country, Philippines. I can also do Oriental, as I personally like working on waves, wind bars and the history behind it. But if you’re looking for something black and gray wash, I’m good in Aztec tattoos too. So in summary, anything you can think of, except Portrait. I’m working my way to improve my real life work of art.