Meet Hannah Hoffman

Hannah Hoffman


The name’s Hannah, but everyone who knows me calls me Dart! I am a certified tattoo artist of 6 years with a background in Fine Art. I started private art lessons at age 3 in pastel and water colors and showed in my first gallery at age 7. I studied Fine Art at the PA College of Art and design in Lancaster, PA, as well as Kutztown University in Kutzown, PA. I held my apprenticeship in my home town of Lebanon, PA. I have worked at Addiction Tattoo in Lebanon, Three Treasures Tattoo in Lebanon, Tattoo Guru in Baltimore, MD, Omertà Ink in Pittsburgh, and American Outlaw Tattoo in Amherst. I pride myself in being able to draw anything and creating custom, detailed pieces for my clients. As a child I never felt comfortable in my own skin, which drove my passion for tattooing and body modification. I especially have a vested interest in scar, gang, masectomy, and trafficking coverups. If I had to nail my style down, I would describe it as Illustrative Realism, Fine Line, Watercolor, and Black and Grey Realism. My influences are based deeply in the Art Nouveau movement as well as classic works from DaVinci, Michealangelo, Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali, and Monet. I strive for aesthetically pleasing placement on the body as well as precise application. My favorite subjects are animals and nature, the human form, surrealism, and gritty horror images. The more detail, the better. You may also follow me on Instagram at Tattoos_by_Dart and Facebook at Facebook.com/tattoosbydart

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